Veritas Legal Society


VLS Organizes Easter Fellowship

The members of Veritas Legal Society organized a Thanksgiving fellowship on Nov. 25. During the fellowship, the members broke bread and shared how the Lord has used each one of them to glorify His name.

  • Jan 29 New Volunteer Fellowship

    Open Hands volunteers provide free legal counseling and representation to homeless and low-income New Yorkers on a variety of legal issues. Come have fellowship with our volunteers and equip yourself for the next Legal Aid Desk.

  • Dec 21 VLS holds executive meeting

    Veritas Legal Society held an executive meeting on Oct. 30 in New York to prepare a roadmap for 2011. The executive members shared visions and discussed strategies and unanimously agreed that VLS should hold more legal aid clinics in the future to spread legal awareness among the needy people.

  • Sep 27, 2015 3:00pm Legal Aid Desk – Immanuel Community Church

    The seminar addressed questions like “Why do spouses terrorize and torture their partners?” “Why is it that the vast majority of batterers are men and the vast majority of victims are women?” and “Why does the community allow battering to continue?”


    VLS needs volunteers with subject matter specialization in specific areas of law who can be present at or reachable by phone during legal aid desk sessions to guide volunteer attorneys on specific issues.